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Note 415425 - Transport of Customizing settings
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    Version / Date 12 / 2007-11-28
    Priority Recommendations/additional info
    Category Customizing
    Primary Component PT-RC-UI-TMW Time Manager's Workplace
    Secondary Components



    You already have a productive SAP R/3 system and want to use Time Manager's Workplace (TMW). Before you can do this, you must make the required Customizing settings.


    Customizing is significantly easier if you use the default settings. If you set up Customizing in a client that has no standard settings, you can copy them from client 000 as follows:
    Use transaction SE01 to create a transport of copies in which you include the objects of the object list TMW_STANDARD_CUST.
               To do this, call transaction SE09, place the cursor on a modifiable Customizing request, choose menu option 'Request/Task -> Object List -> Include Objects' and for 'Object List from Request', enter the request TMW_STANDARD_CUST for Release 4.6C or the request TMW_STANDARD_CUST470 for Release 4.70.

    This transport contains all entries of TMW-relevant Customizing tables. You must import the transport only into a client for which no TMW Customizing has been performed yet because otherwise the previous Customizing is overwritten.
    Note that the requests are not automatically available for further transport in the request of the Customizing project. Instead, you must explicitly transfer them if required.

    Remarks: Since the tables contained in the object list have the delivery class 'C', the import to the client 000 is not sufficient. You can use transaction SCC1 to transfer the data to the target client (in the SAP menu, this function is available under: Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Client Administration -> Special Functions -> Copy Transport Request).  Or you explicitly specify the target client during the import into the subsequent systems. You can do this during an import using the TMS (Transport Management System) or using the tp commands at operating system level (for example, tp import <request> <SYSID> client <client> u18). More information is available in the relevant documentation.

    After the import of the standard entries, you must generate Customizing in accordance with Note 367301.

    For information about TMW Customizing, see the documentation in the Implementation Guide (IMG) and the documentation in the SAP Library.
    The TMW screen is completely set up only if an employee selection is assigned to your user or if you temporarily add employees.

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