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Note 205802 - Performance:GI f.STOs (reading of KONV in SAPLEINS)
  • Header
    Version / Date 2 / 2000-07-31
    Priority Correction with medium priority
    Category Performance
    Primary Component MM-PUR Purchasing
    Secondary Components IS-R-PUR Purchasing



    During the goods issue for a stock transport order, the system reads database table KONV ('Conditions (Transaction Data)') or internal table T_KOMV unrequiredly for an initial number of the condition during the statistics update in purchasing.
    This does not deteriorate the runtime considerably.

    Additional key words

    Runtime problems, HPR, HPR project, RKO_KOMV_VORBEREITEN, EINS, performance

    Cause and prerequisites

    The problem is caused by an unrequired access to database table KONV and internal table T_KOMV.


    On July 31st 2000, the correction instruction has been completely revised due to an error in the statistics update (delivery costs were not updated correctly when items were created).
    The corresponding CHECK statement was moved into the IF statement in front of the select on table KONV (up to now, the CHECK statement was in front of the IF statement).
    Furthermore, the corrections in the corresponding Hot Package systems were also changed.
    The incorrect corrections are still contained in the following Hot Package versions:

    • for Release 4.0B from SAPKH40B46 to SAPKH40B48
    • fГјr Release 4.5B from SAPKH45B26 to SAPKH45B26
    • for Release 4.6B from SAPKH46B11 to SAPKH46B13
    • for Release 4.6C from SAPKH46C01 to SAPKH46C05

    Implement the program corrections according to the attached correction instruction or import the correction using a Hot Package.

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